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Why Better Quality Wax Is Better!

THE “B” WORD! A waxologist guide to the Brazilian wax!

How many times have you thought about getting a Brazilian wax only to second guess yourself because of fear of having the service done. The Brazilian wax is one of the most popular wax treatments done at waxing salons. At Bad Kitty Beauty Bar, we do more brows and Brazilians than any other type of waxing service. Along with many seasoned waxers I do also have a steady clientele of Virgin waxers are fearful when they make their appointments and upon their arrival to have their Brazilian done. My goal is always to put my clients at ease by educating and empowering them so that they are well aware of stuff that we are going to be taking for their hair removal and their aftercare. I can still vividly remember my first time ever getting a Brazilian wax my sister and I bravely attempted to ask me using a very cheap wax and having no knowledge what so ever of how to handle hair removal on vagina. Needless to say it was such a fiasco. I can remember vividly it being the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced and at that point I'd already had a child. Later I searched "waxing near me” and book an appointment at the closest hair removal service near me. I realized once I went to a professional waxer and had a full Brazilian completed that the service could be done quickly and efficiently when skill and technique and proper products are used to wax. At Bad Kitty Beauty Bar we use the luxury wax line Berodin Wax for all of our hair removal services. It has an excellent line of pre waxing prep and post waxing products to soothe and treat the skin after your waxing service. I like to emphasize with my clients that one of the most important things prior to them even arriving to the salon for their Brazilian wax is there natural bristle dry brush exfoliation. Doing this on a daily basis will help to avoid ingrown hairs and will also allow you to remove dead skin lotions and oils from your skin and hair. And doing this when you come in for your service your skin and hair will be prepped and ready for removal making the service that much easier. And no need to grow your hair out for months and months we only need about three weeks of growth or for the hair to be the length of a grain of rice for us to be able to wax. With your hair growing at different rates you will need to come in every 4 weeks for maintenance and typically after three waxing cycles done on a monthly basis you will be hair free for at least two and for some it maybe even longer depending on your rate of growth. Of course as you continue to get waxed every month the rate of your hair growth will slow down and you will be able to be hair-free for longer periods of time. Which is the ultimate goal!  So for all you virgin waxers let's release the anxiety of getting your first Brazilian wax you can get to the point where you would be hair-free for weeks versus just two days. Come and get your own Bad Kitty at Bad Kitty Beauty Bar hope to see you soon.

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