Wake Up Made Up

Permanent Makeup is the solution to perfect brows ALL DAY LONG

Permanent Make Up


A form of semi-permanent makeup in which a needle manually draws in hair strokes to create a very natural, fluffy, layered looking brow. This can also be paired with manuel shading to fill in a very sparce brow.

Hybrid Brow

This semi-permanent makeup technique implements the use of manual hairstrokes used in microblading and machine shading that is used on powder brows. By doing this your brows will have the natural look of hair strokes combined with the machine shading which appears soft ligntly filled in with hair strokes.

Powder Brow

This semi-permenant makeup technique uses an all machine shading approach to create a full looking ombre brow. It gives the look of the densest looking brow you. This semi permanent makeup technique lasts the longest.

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